19 October

Now in Cinemas: 5 Seasons of Revolution

Novice video journalist Lina, born in Damascus, is in her 20s when she starts filming events around her until she has no choice but to become a war reporter and, later, the unexpected reporter of her own fate.

Lina’s plan was simple. She wanted to become a camerawoman. She loved filming details of life and the people around her, especially during a sunny day in Damascus. But with the uprising in Syria, Lina slowly moved to capturing the impact on people’s lives. It was not long before events escalated and arrests, torture and potentially life-threatening situations became daily reality for Lina. She had to adapt. She invented characters and pseudonyms. These helped her live her life under a new standard. What was a simple plan turned into a complex web of identities, which at the time seemed a small price to pay in exchange for her freedom to hold the camera.