7 March

Now in Cinemas: Almanak, Vrouwen om van te Houden

Almanak, Vrouwen om van te Houden is a compelling collection of five short films that delve deeply into the multifaceted experiences of women from different backgrounds and circumstances.

Each film offers a unique perspective on the challenges, resilience and complexities of female life, uniting them under the common theme of love and self-discovery in the face of adversity. In Last Bus, a group of strangers, caught in the middle of a military coup in South America, are forced to face their inner demons as they struggle with fear, despair and conflicting ideologies. Burden explores the complexity of relationships between partners from different cultural backgrounds and emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding in the face of adversity. In Birds, single mother Nina and her daughter Simone navigate the challenges of their family bond when Simone meets the enigmatic Charlie, which puts their relationship to the test. The Knock on the Door follows Meike and Ursula’s journey to starting a family and explores the emotional complexities and readiness of one partner in this heartwarming and thought-provoking story. Everything is Gray challenges the conventional view of heroism by shedding light on the human vulnerabilities of Dutch female resistance fighters during captivity and shows that not everything is black and white – everything is gray. Through these five poignant and emotionally charged films, Almanak, Vrouwen om van te Houden invites viewers on a journey of introspection, compassion and appreciation for the complexities that define women’s lives.