14 July to 14 July

Now in Cinemas: Mass

Years after an unspeakable tragedy involving their children, two sets of parents meet to talk. In the face of enormous grief and anger, is it still possible to find understanding, even forgiveness? Gripping drama with incredible performances by Ann Dowd, Martha Plimpton, Jason Isaacs and Reed Birney.

In a sparsely furnished room in an Episcopalian church, Jay and Gail meet Richard and Linda. The two couples are friendly to each other, but tense. Slowly we learn what brings them together: a high-school shooting six years earlier, involving both their sons. One as a victim, the other as the shooter.

What evolves is an intense, emotional and revealing encounter, in which the parents try to come to terms with the tragedy. They ask rational questions: what caused the perpetrator to commit his act? Could it have been prevented? But the more important question is whether it’s possible to really understand each other’s experience. And ultimately: is it possible to forgive and to heal?

The film was previously shown at the Movies that Matter Festival 2022.