21 December

Now in Cinemas: Until Tomorrow

Director Ali Asgari shows how the Iranian youth tries to break with patriarchical norms and dismantle the suffocating web of legal and social censorship in the country. 

In Until Tomorrow, we follow Fereshteh during a day in her life. A stressful day, since she receives a phone call from her parents who let her know that they will come by soon. But what her parents do not know is that their daughter has just given birth. Fereshteh would like to maintain that ignorance, because the child is illegitimate.  Illegitimate in the eyes of the state and unacceptable in the eyes of her parents. Together with her persistent and humorous friend Atefeh, she sets out to find someone who would be willing to care of her baby for one night.  However, they find out that in a society in which not everyone has the same rights, you have to be very careful when choosing your allies. It becomes a true odyssey, in which they not only meet a number of good and bad characters, but in which they are also faced with the raw realtiy of the lives of young Iranians in an Islamic Republic that they themselves have little interest in.

This film was previously shown at the Movies that Matter festival 2023.