28 November

On Tour: Rebellion in Deventer

In het kader van Movies that Matter On Tour vertoont MIMIK in Deventer op maandag 28 november om 20:00 uur de documentaire Rebellion


About Rebellion

‘Disruption, that’s the key thing,’ says charismatic Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam. As an organic farmer, Hallam experienced the consequences of climate change when the increasingly irregular weather caused crop failures and layoffs. Within a year of its foundation in 2018, Extinction Rebellion got the idea of a ‘climate emergency’ to the top of the worldwide political agenda.

Rebellion follows the group from its inception to the breakthrough and jubilant ‘April Rebellion’ of 2019, and beyond. We see them blocking strategic traffic points and gluing themselves to the Shell offices, following Hallam’s adage: ‘If you’re not in prison, you’re not resistance’. At the same time, inner tensions increase as different strategies, styles and personalities clash. Eventually, Hallam himself becomes a source of discontent – not in the least from his daughter Savannah.

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About On Tour

On Tour is a spin-off of the Movies that Matter Festival. Each year, we select eight great festival titles that we aim to offer a wide platform throughout the country. In cooperation with (currently) seventeen film theatres and local volunteer groups, we screen a film or documentary that matters, every month from October to May. The screenings are accompanied by in-depth programmes and guest speakers arranged by local groups. In this way, we encourage dialogue and broaden perspectives in local contexts.