4 to 15 August

Film Festival Roffa Mon Amour

Roffa Mon Amour is a magical open air film festival in summer in Rotterdam. For 12 days in August, the festival celebrates cinematic talent from around the world, presenting films at night at a playful location. Roffa Mon Amour thrills and moves you with a selection of colorful, daring films from new and known filmmakers, live Cinema Concerts, introductions, and Q&As. At a very special festival location, you travel from Tunis to Hong Kong to back again from New York to Rotterdam.

Film programme
The film programme presents seven New Makers, four Cinematic Favorites, and live Cinema Concerts.

New Makers competition
In 2021, The New Amour Award will be handed out for the first time. Seven outstanding New Makers compete with their film for The New Amour Award, presented by The New Jury, an initiative started in 2021. The winning film will be revealed on Saturday, August 14.

Film screenings and tickets
A 7x4m film screen will arise between sky-high art objects, against the skyline of the beloved Rotterdam West.
The film starts after sunset at 21:45. The audio is played by headphones, included in the ticket.

Location and drinks
The location, AVL Mundo at Keileweg 19 in Rotterdam, opens at 20:30. Enjoy a drink in the sun before the film starts.

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