24 August

Roffa Mon Amour x MtM: Ukraine Special

On Wednesday 24 August, in collaboration with Roffa Mon Amour, we present an open-air screening of The Earth is Blue as an Orange (2020) by Ukrainian filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk. The screening will take place in the BRUTUS sculpture garden in Rotterdam West during the Roffa Mon Amour Film Festival.

In Donbass, a region of Ukraine torn by war, Hanna’s family seeks to keep themselves sane and whole through the power of cinema. Through the camera lens, they frame their own universe, surrounded by shellings and destruction by the invaders. Each member of the family manages to grasp the impossible: to keep the light of home, family and art through the darkness of war. Often contradicting the painful reality with the joys of creation, The Earth is Blue as an Orange shows the real, simple truth Ukrainians are facing right now – one must live, no matter what tools they use to cope, even when all that’s good seems lost.

Sadly topical two years after its creation, The Earth is Blue as an Orange derives its name from a poem by Paul Eluard, referring to the impossible becoming possible. In this way, Hanna, Myroslava and the rest of the family manage to construct a film story through the bombings of Krasnohorivka, their home. It’s painfully real throughout each frame – from the unrestrained celebration when Myroslava makes it into a film school to a bittersweet reality of a graduation picture taken against the ruins. Both of these experiences have been with the people of Donbass for eight years, and since February 24, for all the people of Ukraine.

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About the Roffa Mon Amour Film Festival

The tenth edition of the magical Roffa Mon Amour Film Festival will take place from 17 to 28 August in Brutus’ sculpture garden. You can watch the most beautiful films from all over the world between towering works of art by the Van Lieshout studio. The festival presents the best New Makers in the film world, must-see Cinematic Favorites and live music at film Cinema Concerts. The movie starts when it’s dark outside at 21:30.

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