2023, 90 minutes

For pupils of International Transition Classes (ISK, 12-18 years old), we offer a special film programme with in-depth information. You can book this film programme as a single screening at a cinema near you.

About the programme
Students watch two gripping short films and participate in an interactive in-depth programme in the cinema. The presenter guides the pupils through themes such as Dutch culture, identity and dealing with emotions, using two catchy short films: Anders and Champ

About the films
Fourteen-year-old Alex is in a knot with himself. He is good friends with his future brother-in-law Hendrik, with whom he has good conversations and likes to romp. When Alex’s sister and Hendrik decide to swap the village for the city, it leads to a turbulent series of events. The short film Anders is about family dynamics and the freedom to be yourself.

Fourteen-year-old Esma is preparing for the toughest kickboxing match of her life. One day, she wants to become the best fighter in the world. At the same time, she has to deal with the constant fear of losing her sick mother. How does Esma fight for a future that can be both about winning and losing?

About the language
The programme is presented in Dutch, the film is Dutch spoken and has Dutch subtitles. On the screen in the background, the questions are translated into Arabic, English and Ukrainian.

About preparation and debriefing in class
The teacher can prepare students for the cinema visit by going through the preparatory teaching materials; these are also translated into several languages. In addition, we also offer teaching materials that you can go through with your class after the cinema visit. These include two viewing links to watch the films back in class and discussion questions.

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Family, Health and well-being, Identity, LGBTQ+, Youth and children's rights
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Various Directors
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90 minutes