Mensjesrechten: Lara’s Reis

2018, 15 minutes

The premiere of Lara’s Reis will be on the Movies that Matter Festival 2018, on Friday March 23.

Getting lost in your own street and being unable to find your house. This happend to Lara (14). She has autism and this means that things that are very normal for other kids, are very difficult for her. This is why she usually undertakes very little things on her own. In the past she did not mind this, but now, as she is getting older, it is starting to bother her. She also wants to do the things that other children her age can do. Like going on a trip – alone. Lara wants nothing more than conquering her fear and seeks help with her friends: how do you deal with a new situation when you have a handicap? Her friends tell her to believe in herself. However, that is easier said than done. Will Lara manage manage to do the trip on her own?


Health and well-being
Suitable for
basisonderwijs - groep 7 & 8
Saskia Fris
Country of production
Netherlands, The
Documentary, Short
15 minutes
Age rating