Nice People

2015, 90 minutes

feel-good documentary about the first Somali ’Bandy’ (ice hockey) team in the
world, consisting of Somali immigrants who live in the friendly Swedish town of
Börlange. While having no ice skating experience whatsoever the boys wish to
compete in the Bandy world championships in Siberia.

Andersson, an idealistic local businessman, further develops the project as a fun way for his somewhat xenophobic fellow countrymen to become acquainted with the
numerous Somali refugees in his hometown. Together with a former Bandy champion
he sets out to prepare the boys for the ultimate game. This apparently leads to
great stress, as he spends lots of his time ‘relaxing’ in swimming pools, at
the barber shop and in his bathtub. He also puts in a great deal of effort to
generate media attention for his project, despite lacking money and some
players not even having appropriate training gear. It seems virtually
impossible to prepare a group of amateurs in just eight months for a
performance on a world stage, against all odds and with limited financial
means. Yet miracles only happen if you believe in them… A dry-comical and
heart-warming footage of Somalis stumbling on skates, prejudiced locals,
annoying sponsors and enthusiastic supporters from unexpected places.

Nice People is the Swedish documentary version of Cool Runnings, the hilarious 1993 movie
about a Jamaican bobsleigh team participating in the Olympic Games.


Migration and refugees
Suitable for
mbo - niveau 1 & 2
mbo - niveau 3 & 4
vmbo b/k/t - vanaf leerjaar 4
Karin af Klintberg, Anders Helgeson
Country of production
90 minutes