Grayson Perry: All Man

The Erasmus Prize 2021 will be awarded to British visual artist Grayson Perry. For this occasion, we will be showing two episodes of Grayson’s television series All Man on Sunday 12 December in the Louis Hartlooper in Utrecht.


All Man
In All Man, Grayson explores in an original and personal way what masculinity is about in the 21ᵉ century and how changing it is better for the world. The episodes that will be shown are episode 1 ‘Hard Man’ and episode 3 ‘Rational Man.’ The episodes are English spoken and have Dutch subtitles.

Introduction: Miriam Wickham
As a PhD student at the University of Utrecht, Miriam Wickham looks at the binary gender system in our society and what changes are taking place in it today. She also looks at the challenges we face with regard to the transition to a more inclusive society.

Erasmus Prize
The Praemium Erasmianum Foundation has awarded the Erasmus Prize 2021 to British visual artist Grayson Perry. The theme of the Erasmus Prize this year is ‘The power of the image in the digital age’.  At a time when we are constantly bombarded with images, Perry has developed a unique visual language, demonstrating that art belongs to everybody and should not be an elitist affair. Perry receives the prize for the insightful way he tackles questions of beauty and craftsmanship while addressing wider social and cultural issues.