MtM x Internationaal Filmfestival Assen: The Dilemma of Desire

5 – 7 March Internationaal Filmfestival Assen takes place. In collaboration with Movies that Matter they screen The Dilemma of Desire. The film will be introduced by media scientist Linda Duits.

Hardly anybody – male or female – knows what a clitoris looks like. Most people recognize its tip, but not the organ underneath. And in medical textbooks, where the penis is dealt with in great detail, the clitoris is often ignored. That while it is the only body part meant purely for pleasure. Neuroscientist Stacey Dutton wants to change the fact that ‘the clitoris is really an afterthought’. The Dilemma of Desire is a warm and fascinating plea for sexual freedom and awareness that emphasizes the importance of joyful sexuality.

Read more about the screening and buy tickets at the website of Internationaal Filmfestival Assen.