Sakharov Film Screenings

In November we will present a special film screening in the context of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in Groningen, Leiden*, Maastricht and Middelburg, in collaboration with the European Parliament. The screenings can be attended free of charge and are accompanied by variety of side programmes.

Due to the new corona measures, the screening in Leiden has been moved to Wednesday 8 December at 15:15. Before the screening you are welcome to attend the Art & Activism workshop by Tasha Arlova at 14:15.

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Sakharov Prize
Every year the European Parliament announces the winner of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to individuals and organisations fighting for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Last year the prize was awarded to the democratic opposition in Belarus, a country that has been in political crisis since the contested results of last summer’s presidential elections. Large-scale protests followed which were met with brute force by the authorities. The democratic opposition is represented by the Coordination Council, an initiative of political activists and members of civil society, among others, in which women play a striking role.

Film: Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus
Elections were held in Belarus at the end of 2010. This documentary by Madeleine Sackler is a portrait of the underground theater company Belarus Free Theatre, filmed before, during and after the disputed elections won by Alexander Lukashenko. Some of the actors are still in exile, but others continue to make underground theater in Belarus, in the hope that someday things will change.

Language of the programme: English

These screenings are funded with the help of the European Parliament, Movies that Matter is entirely responsible for the content of the programme.

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15 november 20:30
Vera Zienema Groningen
24 november 19:30
Lumière *SOLD OUT* Maastricht
with United Nations Student Association
Q&A with Belarusian visual artist and activist Tasha Arlova
25 november 20:00
Cinema Middelburg Middelburg
with University College Roosevelt
Introduction and Q&A with professor Barbara Oomen
Postponed to a date to be determined
Kijkhuis Leiden
Workshop and Q&A with Belarusian visual artist and activist Tasha Arlova


Free entry
Register for a free ticket via the website of your film theater of choice.

The first 25 registered per movie theater will receive a free drink.