EU humanitarian aid supports education for children in emergencies

Prior to May’s On Tour film, The Mind Game, we will screen the short film When I Grow Up by Claire Billet and Olivier Jobard. A highly topical documentary, shot in Ukraine, about young people in conflict situations and the importance of humanitarian aid and education. The film is part of the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations’ #EducationNoMatterWhat campaign.

About the film

On 24 February 2022, schoolrooms in Ukraine fell silent as news broke of the impending Russian invasion. In the months that followed, the education of young people – the key to their future – was turned upside down as buildings across the country, including schools, were ruthlessly bombed.

But this is only half the story. The determination, unity and solidarity of Ukrainian youth, together with the support of the European Union, helped them defy the invasion and prioritise the continuation of their education. Across the country, schools are being rebuilt and classrooms repaired. Children can go back to study, pursue their chosen careers and become the adults they want to be. Their ambition is stronger than ever.

When I Grow Up documents the courage and determination of these young people. It addresses the inner strength, dedication and perseverance that characterise every child whose dreams are stronger than the consequences of war.

By giving these young people a voice, we document how, despite the heavy toll of war, courage and hope for a bright future always prevail.

Watch the film here

About the campaign

The short film is being released in over 11 countries to draw attention to humanitarian aid for children in and out of war zones. By 2022, the European Union has spent €100 million to get Ukrainian youths back to school, under the campaign Education, No Matter What!. Read the Emergency Report.

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