Industry Pass

The Movies that Matter Festival takes place from 22 – 30 March 2024. We welcome press and professionals from the film and human rights sector. Please read the requirements and guidelines below carefully before applying for accreditation via the form.


The Industry pass gives access to:

  • The full public Industry programme
  • Guests-meet-guests gatherings, with other film professionals, activists and festival organisers

NB: the Industry pass does not give you access to film screenings of the festival programme. You can apply for a Festival Pass for this.


The Industry pass costs €75. From 1 January to 11 February, an early bird discount applies and the Industry pass only costs €50. If your accreditation request is granted, you will receive the official accreditation award and also a payment request to pay the cost of the pass by e-mail.


From 1 January, you can apply for a pass via the application form:

Apply for an Industry pass

An application does not guarantee accreditation. We aim to process applications within a few working days thereafter.