Camera Justitia

Justice has many faces. Sometimes it may arrive quickly. Sometimes it requires years of struggle. One thing our Camera Justitia programme makes more than clear: justice cannot happen without courage.

The Camera Justitia Award will be awarded by an international jury chaired by Ingrid van Engelshoven and presented during the Award Night on 29 March.

Camera Justitia is made possible by Gemeente Den Haag and vfonds.


Argentina, 1985

The true story of public prosecutors Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo, taking the top brass of Argentina’s diatctorship to trial. However, the junta’s supporters still hold much power, making it an extremely difficult – and dangerous – job. Superbly acted testament to the power of truth and justice.  ‘History isn...

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Aurora’s Sunrise

Epic reconstruction of the story of Aurora Mardiganian and the Armenian genocide. A beautiful animation shows Mardiganian’s odyssey from surviving the genocide to having her story made into a Hollywood production in 1919. Interspersed with archival interviews with her and scenes from the original movie, which for decad...

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Butterfly Vision

After two months as a prisoner of war, Ukrainian military Lilia returns home to her husband and family. But she cannot escape her trauma, and on top of that turns out to be pregnant from one of her captivators. Yet, Lilia refuses to be a victim. Raw drama, impressively acted.  Ukrainian drone expert Lilia – nickname ‘B...

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El Equipo

Fascinating documentary about the unlikely meeting of legendary forensic scientist Clyde Snow and a group of Argentinean students. Starting with the examination of the desaparecidos during Argentina’s dictatorship, they grow into a groundbreaking force in the global movement for truth and justice. Told almost entirely ...

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The Hostage Takers

Journalist Sean Langan confronts two of the British IS members known as ‘The Beatles’. They were the brutal guards of many hostages, including the executed war correspondent James Foley, a close friend of Langan. Also with honest, emotional and nail-biting interviews with other first hand witnesses.  When English journ...

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Iron Butterflies

Remarkable, impressionistic deep dive into the many facets comprising the downing of flight MH17. Creatively constructed, using everything from historical footage to time-lapsed satellite images, and from Russian state TV to dance performances. A fascinating experience, inviting the viewers to form their own picture of...

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Theatre of Violence

Sharp and flamboyant lawyer Krispus Ayena leading the way in a fascinating, complex examination of the essence of justice. Ayena defends Dominic Ongwen before the International Criminal Court. Ongwen is a former commander in Joseph Kony's Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army. But Ongwen was himself kidnapped and brainwashed ...

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Total Trust

Total Trust takes a visceral look at digital control in China where unprecedented levels of state surveillance prevail through trust, fear, obedience and resistance. It aims to explore the changes of social behaviors caused by an all-seeing society and finds its lasting power in the people who are fighting against the ab...

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Twice Colonized

Renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter has led a lifelong fight for the rights of her people. When her son dies to suicide, Aaju embarks on a highly personal journey to bring her colonizers in both Canada and Denmark to justice. She channels her pain into writing an autobiography and takes on the difficult task of creating a...

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Ingrid van Engelshoven

Jumana Al Yasiri

Larissa van den Herik

Kujtim Çashku

Sushmit Ghosh