Camera Justitia

The documentaries and feature films shown in the Camera Justitia competition shed a light on people who take matters into their own hands. We get to know underdogs who stand up against corruption, inequality and discrimination in their fight for justice.

Camera Justitia Night

The films in this programme are competing for the Camera Justitia Award. The prize was awarded to Night of the Kings by director Philippe Lacôte Thursday. After the presentation, the film President was screened, followed by a Q&A with the makers. The evening will be led by Bart Stapert, Judge and former chairman of Movies that Matter.

Masterclass and Workshop

On April 22 at 16:00, we will organise the annual free Camera Justitia Masterclass. Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji, the former President of the International Criminal Court who ended his term in March 2021, will speak with moderator Marieke de Hoon.

The Global Justice Cinema Workshop will also take place online this year. In collaboration with the T.M.C. Asser Institute and the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam, we’ll organise an in-depth workshop on documentaries and international law. You can register via


Colombia in My Arms

Visually strong documentary about Colombia after the peace agreement between the government and the FARC guerrilla’s. Will the fragile peace deal survive the distrust and rancour built up by decades of war? With elections coming up, some politicians hope to gain from exploiting the tensions even further. When in 2016 t...

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De nos frères blessés

Algiers, 1956. During the Algerian War of Independence, Fernand Iveton is arrested at the factory where he works as a lathe operator. He is accused of having planted a bomb. His wife Hélène refuses to abandon Fernand, and does everything she can to save him. Eye-opening true story. When Fernand and Hélène meet, they ar...

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Dying to Divorce

More than one in three Turkish women have experienced domestic violence, and femicides are rising. Brave Turkish activists and lawyers fight for justice for the victims. But after the 2016 coup attempt, the government tightens its grip on society and their work is becoming increasingly dangerous. Arzu was forced into a...

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Beautiful, tender animated feature by French cartoonist Aurel, about Spanish illustrator Josep Bartolí, who fled the Franco regime into France in 1939. In a concentration camp for Spanish refugees, he meets good-hearted gendarme Serge. On different sides of the barbed wire fence, Serge and Josep strike up a friendship....

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Night of the Kings

When a shy young man arrives at Ivorian Maca Prison, where the inmates rule, the Boss orders him to become the next ‘Roman’: the storyteller. He soon finds out that it is a matter of life and death. Raw, energetic and brimming with creativity, a viewing experience like nothing else. A young and timid small-time crimina...

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Only the Devil Lives Without Hope

Thriller-like, emotional documentary about Uzbek woman Dilya, who never loses hope fighting for the release of her imprisoned brother Iskandar. Living in exile in Sweden, the frighteningly long arms of the Uzbek dictatorship still reach her, while she is confronted with the deepest of betrayals. ‘I have devoted my life...

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Riveting account of the Zimbabwean 2018 presidential elections from inside the campaign of opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa – and its unbelievable, thriller-like aftermath. Zimbabwe is at a crossroads when charismatic Chamisa challenges ruling party ZANU-PF. But will the elections be fair? A political drama of the h...

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Quo Vadis, Aida?

Impressive and heartbreaking drama about the hours leading up to the Srebrenica genocide of 1995. Aïda works as a translator for the Dutch-run UN base. She is torn apart between her duties for the powerless Dutchbat soldiers, and the desperation of her fellow-villagers – especially her husband and two sons. When the Bo...

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Vetrichelvi is a female writer and poet – and a former Tamil Tiger. It’s her mission to tell the stories of the many women and girls who fought for this militant group in the Sri Lankan civil war. Have they sacrificed their health and lives for nothing? As a minority in Sri Lanka, the Tamils have suffered decades of di...

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Kathryne Bomberger (chair)

Kathryne Bomberger has worked in the field of international relations, human rights, politics and conflict prevention for the last 20 years. Since 1998, she has led the development of ICMP (International Commission on Missing Persons) and she was appointed Director-General of the organisation in 2004.

Michel Bravo

Michel Bravo is Head of Strategy, Innovation and Research at the Directorate General of Police at the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. He has been employed by the Dutch government over the past 20 years in different capacities, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Mandy Chang

 Mandy Chang is the Commissioning Editor at BBC Storyville. Before that she was Head of Arts at ABC TV and Acting Head of Non-Scripted TV at ABC. Previously an award winning documentary producer/director and filmmaker, Mandy has won respect in her industry for her work and has received many nominations and several eminent awards including an Emmy for her films.

Ally Derks

After studying Dutch Literature and Theater and Film, Ally Derks started her career as coordinator of Festikon, an annual film and video festival in the Netherlands. She co-founded the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) and has served as its director since 1989.

Marieke de Hoon

Dr. Marieke de Hoon is Assistant Professor in international law, international criminal justice and human rights at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She is moreover Senior Counsel and Director Netherlands Office of the Public International Law & Policy Group.