Camera Justitia

Justice has many faces. Sometimes it may arrive quickly. Sometimes it requires years of struggle. One thing our Camera Justitia programme makes more than clear: justice cannot happen without courage.

Together with the T.M.C. Asser Instituut and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, we also present the Camera Justitia Day on Thursday 28 March, consisting of three parts: the Global Justice Cinema Seminar, a Masterclass with Judge Hilary Charlesworth and the Camera Justitia Night.

Camera Justitia is made possible by Gemeente Den Haag and vfonds.


Four Daughters

Inventive docu-fiction about the complex relationship between a Tunisian mother and her daughters. One day, Olfa's two eldest daughters disappear. Now, together with professional actors, Olfa and her remaining daughters reenact their history in a unique hybrid film combining fiction, theatre and documentary. Honest and...

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Green Border

Poignant drama about the horrors refugees face in the forests between Belarus and Poland. We follow, among others, a Syrian family trying to flee into the EU and a Polish border guard having qualms about the brutal treatment of refugees. The film caused a right-wing backlash in Poland. In the treacherous and swampy Bia...

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Hesitation Wound

Turkish Criminal lawyer Canan divides her time between mornings in court and evenings in her mother’s hospital bed. On the day of the sentencing hearing of a murder suspect whom Canan is defending, she must make a moral choice that will affect the lives of her mother, the judge, and the defendant. In this Turkis...

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I Shall Not Hate

A Palestinian doctor’s mission of tolerance and forgiveness is put to the ultimate test when he loses his three daughters. Meet Nobel-nominated bestselling author Izzeldin Abuelaish from Gaza, whose greatest adversary is hate itself. Deeply inspiring and more urgent than ever. Palestinian doctor Izzeldin Abuelai...

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Ten years in the life of troubled Budapest street kid Sanyi, as he grows from 8 to 18 years old. Over the course of a decade, he turns from a mischievous youth into a public enemy. An intimate coming-of-age story. Sanyi is the youngest son of a very poor family in the centre of Budapest. A creative and excited kid, he ...

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The Mother of All Lies

Young Moroccan filmmaker Asmae El Moudir dives into her family’s past. In a miniature Casablanca, her family and friends help her to unravel the disturbing lies from her childhood. Asmae El Moudir grew up in a household where photos weren’t allowed. Her grandmother Zahra, a woman who cruelly demeans her da...

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One Bullet

A grieving Afghan Mother and a US filmmaker, connected through one deadly stray bullet, forge a friendship amidst America’s longest war. One Bullet asks the question: how might we make peace across vast social, cultural and religious divisions? The answer just might be: one cup of tea at a time. A random encount...

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Soundtrack to a Coup d’Etat

Patrice Lumumba became the first prime minister of newly independent Congo in 1960, only to be executed the following year. He had become the personification the growing Pan-African movement, which threatened Western hegemony on the African continent. Against this background, jazz music became a political tool. Patrice...

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They Shot the Piano Player

Quest for the forgotten Brazilian bossa nova pianist Francisco Tenório Jr., who mysteriously disappeared during a tour in 1976. An animated combination of celebrating bossanova and the gripping story of a military dictatorship. While writing a book about the Brazilian bossa nova craze of the 1960s, music journa...

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Doreen Boonekamp

Jennifer Huang