Dutch Movies Matter

The Dutch Movies Matter programme focuses on Dutch feature films and documentaries. As different as they are, they have one thing in common: they focus their lens on social wrongs and human dignity. The films tell stories that take place here, or extend far beyond our national borders. A total of eight films have a chance of winning the Dutch Movies Matter Award, including € 5,000 prize money. Dutch Movies Matter is made possible by VEVAM, copyright organisation for directors.


Along the Way

19-year-old Afghan twins Fatima and Zahra get separated from their family on their refugee journey. While their mother and sisters find refuge in the Netherlands, they have to survive in Istanbul. Fantastically played by real-life sisters Malihe and Nahid Rezaie, who helped write the script. While walking with a group ...

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Het Grote Verzwijgen

Marieke van der Winden’s gripping and emotional search into her family’s history shows the taboo that many families who collaborated with the Germans have to deal with. At her mother’s funeral, an uncle tells her that her grandparents collaborated with the Germans during World War II. For thirty years, she couldn’t fac...

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Huda’s Salon

The Palestinian Reem has an appointment at Huda's salon. What should have been an ordinary visit to the hairdresser turns into the most defining moment of her life. She is presented with an impossible choice by Huda: she must betray her own people or resign herself to the fact that her darkest secret will be revealed. ...

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Ik ben een bastaard

Author and actor Rashif El Kaoui is the child of a Flemish mother, and an alcoholic Moroccan father who wasn’t there to raise him. Now Rashif goes to Morocco to search for his roots. He is scared of what he’ll find out – about his father, his family, and about himself. Rashif El Kaoui struggles with his bicultural iden...

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Lovers Hetty (76) and Jeanne (91) are determined to ‘enjoy themselves ’till they drop’. But Jeanne’s worsening dementia puts a strain on their happiness. Beautiful, intimate portrait of true love based on honesty, kindness and a desire for pure joy. Sitting in the grass overlooking the sea, Hetty asks her lover Jeanne ...

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Met Mes

Both a colorful satire and a tragedy about human nature, in a visually overwhelming style. When the camera of famous television presenter Eveline gets nicked by schoolboy Yousef, Eveline pretends she was violently robbed. This lie has far-reaching consequences for Yousef and herself – consequences that Eveline seems bo...

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Sexual Healing

Intimate portrait of Evelien, who is spastic since birth and has a strong desire for sexuality. Now, at 53, she thinks it’s time for an intimacy quest. But doubt and insecurities are never far away. Will she overcome her inner obstacles? ‘Nobody’s interested in me...’ That is the strong conviction of Evelien. She is sp...

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Wij praten niet

Wij praten niet (trans. We Don't Talk) is an intriguing documentary of in-depth conversations between therapists and youngsters who are entangled in the complex network of sexual violence and exploitation. It takes us into the inner struggle of four characters in their process to break free from this world while they a...

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Sofia Tocar (chair)

Sofia Tocar is a graduate of Charles University in Prague, where she completed a Master of History of Art and Architecture. She joined the Institute of Documentary Film in March 2019 and now works as part of the East Silver team.

Alex Poblete

Alex Poblete is an independent film and video producer who is a graduate of the Film Institute of the University of the Philippines.

Dawood Hilmandi

Director Dawood Hilmandi started his film career with Bekhawy (2009), which was screened at the IFFR. His shorts Arvaksca and 2087 were screened in Cannes. This year he is the main guest at the Movies that Matter Festival.

Eefje Blankevoort

Eefje is co-founder of Prospektor journalism agency in Amsterdam. In addition to her work as a journalist and documentary maker, she is a creative producer helping others find their stories, from podcast series to films, exhibitions and transmedia projects.

Hans Bosscher

Hans Bosscher works as an advisor, editor and director for various Dutch broadcasters and government institutions. He is, among others, a board member of the Beyond Innocence Foundation and the copyright organisation VEVAM.