Dutch Movies Matter

In the competition programme Dutch Movies Matter we screen Dutch feature films and documentaries that open eyes to human rights. The films tell stories that take place here, or extend far beyond our national borders. A total of seven films have a chance of winning the Dutch Movies Matter Award.

Dutch Movies Matter Night

The Dutch Movies Matter Award will be presented on Friday 23 April. The director of the winning film will receive € 5,000 prize money. The online world premiere of I Don’t Wanna Dance will also take place this evening, in the presence of director Flynn Von Kleist, Yfendo van Praag and Romana Vrede. Writer Munganyende Hélène Christelle provides the introduction to the film.⁠

Dutch Movies Matter is made possible by VEVAM, copyright organisation for directors.


Brief aan mijn Papa

More than forty years after his father was killed, Kurdish writer and theatre maker Ibrahim Selman writes him a letter. Telling his father about his life and the struggles of the Kurdish people, and at the same time hoping to find traces of his father that may be lost forever. ‘We think we long for certain places’, Ibr...

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Desert Paradise

A prosperous and happy diamond town in the south of Namibia is forced to think about its future now that the mines are all emptied out. Will the remaining inhabitants be able to turn the town around? Observational documentary which lets the townspeople and the stunning landscape speak for themselves. The Namibian deser...

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Intriguing deconstruction of the infamous Groningen HIV case, in which men were drugged during sex parties and then injected with HIV-positive blood. In seven completely different chapters, each in their own style and cinematography, Tim Leyendekker explores themes such as sexual boundlessness, victimhood and power in ...

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Here We Move Here We Groove

DJ Soko, the ‘Godfather of Balkan Beats’, goes on a musical road trip looking for ‘a new sound for Europe’. Just like he brought new influences in the 1990s, refugees and migrants today do the same. Exciting and hopeful documentary about the way music can transcend differences and build bridges. Robert Soko came to Ber...

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I Don’t Wanna Dance

Joey and his little brother Ricardo return to live with their mother Daphne, after having spent two years with their aunt. But Daphne has emotional problems, and it soon becomes clear why they were separated in the first place. Brilliantly acted, powerful and poetic coming-of-age drama. 15-year-old Joey has trouble kee...

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Iranian Haleh leads a quiet life in the Netherlands. When she hears that the woman who betrayed her daughter 37 years earlier lives nearby, she’s determined to find out if it’s really her. Based on the story of director Kaweh Modiri’s half-sister, who was executed in Iran. Tehran 1982. Haleh Daneshi receives a terrifyi...

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Shadow Game

Impressive documentary following several teenage boys who fled their home countries and are trying to find protection in Europe. Stories of hardship and exploitation, but also of endurance, warmth and human spirit. Stories of present-day Europe we should not look away from. Many of them call it ‘the game’: the journey ...

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Rada Šešić (Jury Chair)

Rada Šešić works as a festival programmer, film teacher and film director. She is the head of the documentary competition at the Sarajevo Film Festival and also selects films for the IDFA competition programme. She is also the artistic director of the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival in The Hague.

Angelo Bromet

Since 1999, programmer and talent developer Angelo Bromet has been an advocate for diversity and inclusion on behalf of the Dutch bi-cultural youth, by managing young urban talent and coaching them as they make their way from the streets to the industry. He aims to help the cultural and creative industry to overcome their blind spots and reshape their judgement on talent and quality.

Joris Postema

Director Joris Postema made his debut in 2013 with the documentary FC Rwanda, which premiered at IDFA. In his documentaries Joris digs for stories hidden under the surface. His latest film Stop Filming Us won the Dutch Movies Matter Award last year.

Irini Sarioglou

Irini Sarioglou is Assistant Professor of Contemporary History at Istanbul University and General Secretary of the Hellenic History Foundation in Athens. She is the Art Director of the International Documentary Festival Beyond Borders.

Beth Seymour

Beth Seymour is ACT Human Rights Film Festival's managing director. Beth has led the program since 2018 and brings more than 15 years nonprofit fundraising and arts administrative experience. Beth currently serves on the Board of the Human Rights Film Network.