Kaweh Modiri

Dutch Movies Matter Grand Jury Fiction

Iranian Haleh leads a quiet life in the Netherlands. When she hears that the woman who betrayed her daughter 37 years earlier lives nearby, she’s determined to find out if it’s really her. Based on the story of director Kaweh Modiri’s half-sister, who was executed in Iran.

Tehran 1982. Haleh Daneshi receives a terrifying phone call: her daughter Mitra has been executed. Thirty-seven years later, Haleh is a successful professor, living in a beautiful house in the Netherlands. But her past catches up with her when she’s informed that Leyla Hashemi has come to the Netherlands as a refugee: the woman who betrayed Mitra.

At the time of the betrayal, however, Haleh only heard the woman’s voice and did not see her face. Together with her brother Moseh, who was jailed and tortured as a result of Leyla’s betrayal, Haleh tries to find out if the rumour is true. She strikes up a friendship with the woman, who lives with her daughter under another name. In a thriller-like build-up, we move back and forth between the story of Haleh, Moseh and Mitra in the turbulent Iran of the 1980s, and Haleh’s search now. When can she be sure she’s after the right woman?

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Nominated for the Grand Jury Fiction award
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Kaweh Modiri
Netherlands, The
107 minutes
Spoken language
Dutch, Farsi