Shorts that Matter 2021

Various Directors

14 shorts, 3 themes and an infinity of conversation topics.

Go on a trip around the world in Take on Borders. Step into someone else’s shoes in Made for Walking or see resistance to boundaries in The Affected. You won’t miss out on anything within national borders in Take on NL. Korte kuitspier shows absurdistically what it means to be different and is as on top of current events as A Health Worker’s Mind in which hospital staff are confronted with mortality during the corona crisis. In collaboration with GoShort we present Take on Family. See how someone who gives you a roof over your head can seem like a family in Woman Without a Child or what it’s like to discover a lost father in We Have One Heart.


You buy one ticket for all Shorts that Matter and you can watch them online on demand throughout the whole festival period. When you’ve purchased a ticket and start watching, you can click on the timeline in the player to choose the film you want to see.


Take on Borders 

  • Made for Walking
  • The Affected
  • A Year in Exile
  • Mosaic
  • A Horse Has More Blood Than a Human

Take on NL

  • In het hoofd van de dokter
  • Durrab’s Labyrinth
  • Korte kuitspier
  • A Boy named Freedom

Take on Family: All we got is us (with Go Short)

Since early 2020 our lives have been changed radically. A pandemic took control over the world and necessary measurements were implemented to control it as much as possible. All of a sudden the meaning of normal was turned upside down: no impudent hugging anymore, no visiting friends and family in the way we were used to. In this program we reflect on the impact of such a radical change. Not by portraying the current situation as such, but in a more general way: we highlight the importantance of human interaction, how loneliness impacts people and what it means to long for touch. All films were produced before the pandemic, but they all ask questions about what it means to be human and show we are driven by the need for togetherness. Simultaneously these films bring to the surface a wide variety of important human rights issues from across the globe. From toxic waste in Somalia to racism in Germany, we explore these topics through a common thread of parental relations.

  • Woman Without a Child
  • We Have One Heart
  • Life on the Horn
  • I Need the Handshakes
  • Bambirak  


Various Directors
Country of production
261 minutes
Spoken language