Webinar: Media Makers in the Frontline

This webinar explores civil society under attack by the harshest regimes and how media makers from around the world can support their colleagues and their cause.  
Over the last decade the crackdown on journalists and filmmakers globally is one of biggest backlashes against civil society movements around the world, as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet stated in last September. And in that same decade, more activist media makers have used the internet and social media to have their voices heard and expose the actions of repressive regimes than ever before. Two of the most striking examples of that are the civilians in Myanmar and Belarus who went to the streets and revealed the violent response by their governments. How do the resistance and civil disobedience in countries like Myanmar and Belarus work at the moment and what kind of backlashes are they dealing with? How can the international film community contribute their cause influence the local and international decision-making?  
We will show clips of anonymous filmmakers from Myanmar and material from Belarus, filmed at a high cost. We hope to welcome these activist makers/filmmaking activists via Zoom, to share their experience and discuss what should be the role of the international film community. 

With amongst others: “Vasili” (filmmaker from Myanmar), documentairemaker Aliaksei Paluyan (‘Courage’, Belarus), Sigal Yehuda (Close Up), Igor Blaževič (One World Film Festival) and Corinne van Egeraat & Petr Lom (ZIN Documentaire).

Moderator: Margje de Koning

Language: English