Industry Library

This is an overview of all Industry programmes that will be made available online as video on demand. The programmes can be viewed with an accreditation and are available until 16 April, 23:59. Our team works hard behind the scenes to make the programmes available 24 hours after they take place. In some cases there may be a slight delay.

Take on Film & Impact (Day 1)

Available from: 8 April, 12:45

The focus for the first day of the programme will be on finalizing the selected projects’ impact pitches of the selected. The morning session will feature a keynote by Danielle Turkov (ThinkFilm), a case study of a successful impact campaign and a panel discussion on distribution moderated by Christian Popp (YUZU Productions) with speakers from both the world of impact production and the side of distribution.

Language: English

Take on Myanmar Diaries

Available from: 8 April, 16:00

The Myanmar Film Collective and producer Corinne van Egeraat will be present at the Movies that Matter Festival for the Dutch premiere of their film Myanmar Diaries, a hybrid collective film about life in the aftermath of the February 2021 military coup in Myanmar. In this panel we speak with the Myanmar Film Collective about their experiences as filmmakers in Myanmar.

Language: English

Take on Film & Impact: Pitching (Day 2)

Available from: 9 April, 13:00

After attending coaching sessions led by experienced impact producers and strategists in order to (further) develop their impact goals and strategies for their films, the twelve selected teams will pitch their project and impact plan.

Language: English

Take on Voices: Safer World for the Truth?

Available from: 10 April, 12:00

Together with Free Press Unlimited and the research team Save the World we present a panel discussion on journalism and press freedom. Journalists worldwide, but especially in countries with limited (press) freedom, receive immense threats that make it difficult to do their work safely. With several guests we have a conversation about the journalistic power of the image.

Language: English

Take on Afghanistan: In Conversation

Available from: 10 April, 15:00

In this masterclass we have an in-depth conversation with this year’s main guests: filmmakers Sahra ManiAboozar Amini and Dawood Hilmandi. The conversation addresses the challenges and difficulties of being an Afghan filmmaker and is illustrated with excerpts from Mani’s, Amini’s and Hilmandi’s filmography

Language: English

Take on Film & the Green Deal

Available from: 10 April, 17:30

In the context of a case study, we address the issues surrounding green filmmaking along with several guests. More information will follow shortly. Furthermore, the panel will discuss the role of storytelling in climate activism with a special focus on using humour to engage an audience.

Language: English

Take on Afghanistan: Work in Progress

Available from: 12 April, 12:30

In this programme various Afghan filmmakers, including Dawood Hilmandi, show their latest works in progress. Afterwards there will be a discussion with the filmmakers about the financing and production of Afghan films.

Language: English

De Missie van de Nieuwe Maker

Available from: 12 April, 17:00

For students and filmmakers at the start of their career, we present De Missie van de Nieuwe Maker (The Mission of the New Maker). An inspiring afternoon programme where we help you on your way to making and financing your film.

Language: Dutch

Take on Women in Film

Available from: 13 April, 17:00

A yet to be announced keynote speaker will discuss her personal observations on the importance of women in film in front of and behind the camera. The keynote will be followed by a panel of women in film from around the world to discuss the position of women in the film industry.

Language: English

Take on Human Rights Film Festivals (Breakfast Edition) 

Available from: 14 April, 11:30

Meet human rights film festival organisers from all over the world! In this inspirational session the participants of the Cinema without Borders workshop will introduce themselves and their festivals.

Language: English

Along the Way: Meet the Makers

Available from: 14 April, 14:00

In this masterclass we talk with the makers of Along the Way: renowned director Mijke de Jong, screenwriters Jolein Laarman and Jan Eilander, producer Frank Hoeve and co-writers and cast members Malihe RezaieNahid Rezaie and Sina NazariAlong the Way has been selected for the Dutch Movies Matter competition. We pay special attention to the importance of storytelling and cooperation. How do the screenwriter, the research team and the director work together to build and tell a story collectively?

Language: English

Impact in Practice: the Cases of Shadow Game & De Oost

Available from: 14 April, 17:00

Making an impact with audiovisual productions is not new, there is quite a bit of experience to share since its entrance in The Netherlands in 2015. But what strategies do actually work and what don’t? When is an impact campaign actually an added value to your documentary or feature film and how do you even measure impact? How do you design this campaign or story architecture; who is involved and how? How do you keep your grip on all the different elements during the process and how do you finance it? What choices do you make as a team and how do you keep yourself and the project on track?

Language: English