Rewatch the in-depth-programmes of MtMF21

A festival with beautiful films and makers makes for the best conversations. Rewatch the Q&As, Meet the Makers and other interesting programmes you missed down below. Sorted per movie and programme on alphabetical order.

Colombia in My Arms

Visually strong documentary about Colombia after the peace agreement between the government and the FARC guerrilla’s. Will the fragile peace deal survive the distrust and rancour built up by decades of war? With elections coming up, some politicians hope to gain from exploiting the tensions even further.

Moderator Jorie Horsthuis has a conversation with Jenni Kivistö and Jussi Rastasen, the directors of Colombia in My Arms, and Beatriz Mayans (expert on ‘transitional justice’, VU University Amsterdam) about the complex peace process in Colombia, in which an important step was taken with the signing of the peace agreement between the government and FARC in 2016, but which has not yet been completed.

Earth at Stake-selectie

Frans Timmermans (vice-president of the European Commission) introduces the Earth at Stake programme.

Here We Move Here We Groove

DJ Soko, the ‘Godfather of Balkan Beats’, goes on a musical road trip looking for ‘a new sound for Europe’. Just like he brought new influences in the 1990s, refugees and migrants today do the same. Exciting and hopeful documentary about the way music can transcend differences and build bridges.

Moderator Süheyla Yalçın talks with director Sergej Kreso and musician Robert Šoko about the music as a carrier of our identity and how the newcomers in Europe add new layers to it.

In het hoofd van de dokter

Moderator Bahram Sadeghi has a conversation with emergency physician Jasper Rebel about the short documentary In het hoofd van de dokter (Inside the head of the doctor) by Juul Op den Kamp.


The story of notorious PR firm Bell Pottinger and its co-founder, unscrupulous spin doctor Tim Bell. He provided more than just advertisements for his clients, not backing down from helping dictators, selling wars and inciting violence. Moral considerations didn’t come into it. ‘I’m no priest’, he said.

In the context of the electrifying documentary Influence, journalist Rick Nieman (WNL) talks with spin doctor Kay van de Linde, and pollster and strategist Hans Anker about the public influencing industry in the Netherlands.


Beautiful, tender animated feature by French cartoonist Aurel, about Spanish illustrator Josep Bartolí, who fled the Franco regime into France in 1939. In a concentration camp for Spanish refugees, he meets good-hearted gendarme Serge. On different sides of the barbed wire fence, Serge and Josep strike up a friendship.

In the context of the movie Josep, we look at the historical background of people on the run, a phenomenon of all times. And moderator Bahram Sadeghi will talk to Wouter Veraart about the rights of “the refugee” who, as Hannah Arendt has already stated, despite the universally formulated human rights, is in fact without rights.


Marija and Dragana live in an institute for young people with mental disabilities near Belgrade. They are both in love with the quiet Robert, and start competing for his affections. Penetratingly beautiful film, starring actual residents of the institute where the film was shot.

Filmcritic Dana Linssen talks with director Ivan Ikic about his film.

Only the Devil Lives Without Hope

Thriller-like, emotional documentary about Uzbek woman Dilya, who never loses hope fighting for the release of her imprisoned brother Iskandar. Living in exile in Sweden, the frighteningly long arms of the Uzbek dictatorship still reach her, while she is confronted with the deepest of betrayals.

Elke Kuijper (Press Officer for Amnesty International Netherlands) talks with director Magnus Gertten about Only the Devil Lives Without Hope.

Quo Vadis, Aida

Impressive and heartbreaking drama about the hours leading up to the Srebrenica genocide of 1995. Aïda works as a translator for the Dutch-run UN base. She is torn apart between her duties for the powerless Dutchbat soldiers, and the desperation of her fellow-villagers – especially her husband and two sons.

Remke de Lange and Cees van der Laan (Trouw) introduce de film Quo Vadis, Aida? for the Trouw Special. (Dutch)

Return to Epipo

In the 1980s, Epipo was one of the most exciting summer camps in Hungary. But under the surface, it turned out to be rife with secrets and abuse. Filmmaker Judit Oláh attended Epipo as a child. Now she gathers a group of her fellow-campers to re-enact their experiences.

Movies that Matter’s Artistic Director Margje de Koning has a conversation with director Judit Oláh about her film Return to Epipo.

Shadow Game

Impressive documentary following several teenage boys who fled their home countries and are trying to find protection in Europe. Stories of hardship and exploitation, but also of endurance, warmth and human spirit. Stories of present-day Europe we should not look away from.

Journalist Remke de Lange (Trouw) interviews directors Els van Driel and Eefje Blankenvoort, researcher Zuhoor al Qaisi and protagonist Mohammed Al Khalifa live about making this special film in which the underage refugees are not only the protagonists but also have done most of the camera work.  (Dutch)

Moderator Margriet Vroomans (KRO-NCRV) talks with filmmakers Els van Driel and Eefje Blankevoort, Tineke Strik (GroenLinks) and professor Halleh Ghorashi talk about the traumatizing journey of the main characters from  Shadow Game. (Dutch)

Watch Over Me

Impressive, deeply moving documentary about a Delhi palliative care team visiting terminally ill cancer patients at home. Counselor Maniamma, nurse Sini and doctor Reena help them make the time they have left as pain-free and dignified as possible, while preparing them and their family members for the inevitable end.

Movies that Matter’s Artistic Director Margje de Koning speaks director Farida Pacha and producer, cinematographer Lutz Konermann about their documentary.

Women Take Action – Keynote & Panel

Debra Zimmerman (Women Make Movies) gives a keynote discussing her personal observations regarding the appearance of women in film in front and behind the camera. The keynote is followed by a panel with women in film from all over the world to discuss the position of women in the film industry. This panel is hosted by Creative Europe Netherlands.

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