Amnesty Student Masterclass: Faceless

In June 2019, a proposed Extradition Bill which would allow extraditions from Hong Kong to mainland China, sparked months of protests which were met by a violent police response.

Together with Movies that Matter, Amnesty International hosts a unique masterclass about these Hong Kong protests at the annual film festival on Tuesday 12 April. After watching the documentary Faceless together with pro-democracy activists, we will discuss the protests in Hong Kong and reflect on their human rights implications.


‘You don’t persevere because you have hope,’ the activist known as ‘The Believer’ says at one point in Faceless. ‘You have hope because you persevere.’ Perseverance is something the people of Hong Kong have plenty of, now that China is increasingly curtailing democratic freedoms. When the authorities announced a bill allowing extraditions of Hong Kong citizens to mainland China, more than one million people took to the streets – and stayed there for months. The documentary Faceless follows four of these protesters. They remain anonymous behind masks and are simply known as The Student, The Artist, The Believer and The Daughter.  

Meet Hong Kong activists

Joining us in this masterclass are human rights defender Samuel Muk Man Chu and political activist Glacier Chung Ching Kwong from Hong Kong. Samuel is a Hong Kong-born American activist. He is the founder and President of The Campaign for Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Democracy Council (HKDC). Because of his work, Hong Kong authorities have issued arrest warrants against Samuel in July 2020, making him the first foreign citizen to be targeted under the Hong Kong National Security Law. Glacier is a PhD candidate in law at the University of Hamburg and a Digital Rights Research Fellow at HKDC. Currently, Glacier is living in self-imposed exile in Germany. 

Entrance is free, but registration is required. 

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Tue 12 April, 15:30 - 18:30
Masterclass ‘Faceless: the 2019 protests in Hong Kong’ Pathé Buitenhof, Den Haag