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From 12 to 14 April, every evening at 21:00, Dutch celebrities choose their favourite film from the festival programme.

On 12 April, Romana Vrede presents On These Grounds (Garrett Zevgetis). After a classroom video of police violence against a black girl goes viral, a heated national debate erupts. Whose fault is it? Was it racist? And why are police officers patrolling US schools anyway? Activist Vivian Anderson uproots her life to help the girl, and also confronts the officer.

On 13 April, Victoria Koblenko shows us Trenches, a sobering look at the harsh life on the frontline in the Donbas conflict between Ukrainian government forces and Russian separatists. French filmmaker Loup Bureau spent months in the trenches with Ukrainian soldiers, filming them up-close and very personal, capturing a mix of lethargy and frightening artillery attacks.

On 14 April, Nicolaas Veul chooses Nelly & Nadine (Magnus Gertten). In a box with her grandmother’s diaries, letters, photographs and Super 8 footage, Sylvie Bianchi discovers a beautiful, tender and heroic love story that was hidden for decades. Nelly and Nadine’s story began in concentration camp Ravensbrück on Christmas Eve 1944, and continued in Venezuela after the war. Truly heart-warming.