De Groene Amsterdammer

On Sunday 26 March, De Groene Amsterdammer presents a special afternoon with two films during the Movies that Matter Festival.

The Groene Amsterdammer editors selected the two documentaries Aurora’s Sunrise and Daughters of the Sun. Both films can be seen including Q&As.

Aurora’s Sunrise

Inna Sahakyan

Epic reconstruction of the story of Aurora Mardiganian and the Armenian genocide. A beautiful animation shows Mardiganian’s odyssey from surviving the genocide to having her story made into a Hollywood production in 1919. Interspersed with archival interviews with her and scenes from the original movie, which for decades was thought to be lost.

Daughters of the Sun

Reber Dosky

A group of Yezidi women and girls who were used as sex slaves by Islamic State, now have to rebuild their lives. With each other’s love and support, and inspired by wise theatre-maker Hussein, they find the strength to look forward again.


12:45 - 14:51
Aurora's Sunrise + Q&A Filmhuis Den Haag - Zaal 1
15:30 - 17:24
Daughters of the Sun + Q&A Filmhuis Den Haag - Zaal 1