Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Earth at Stake

On Sunday 26 March, we will screen two documentaries on climate issues in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Paved Paradise

Karsten de Vreugd

A biologist and a filmmaker on a quest to change our food system and the black and white narrative about agriculture. How do we produce enough to feed the world, and at the same time improve biodiversity? Upbeat, eye-opening and hopeful.

After the screening of Paved Paradise, moderator Marieke Eyskoot will talk to guest speakers Timmo Gaasbeek (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Katie Minderhoud (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency). In the discussion we ask what the topics of the film will mean for agriculture in the global south and specifically in Africa. And how will that change our foreign policy?


Deep Rising

Matthieu Rytz

To power the green economy, a new frontier is found for extracting minerals: the deep sea. But mining the ocean floor may have enormous unforeseen consequences. And who really owns the deep sea anyway? With amazing, otherworldly images, and fantastically narrated by Jason Momoa (AquamanGame of Thrones).

After the screening of Deep Rising, moderator Marieke Eyskoot will talk to guest speakers Carl Königel (WWF) and Marga Veeneman (Ministry of Foreign Afairs). In the discussion we will railse the question how we are going to obtain the critical raw materials needed for the green transition in Europe. What choices can we make as a country, and what can you do as a consumer?



13:15 - 15:17
Paved Paradise + extended talk Theater aan het Spui - Kleine Zaal
15:45 - 17:53
Deep Rising + extended talk Theater aan het Spui - Kleine Zaal