Nieuwspoort: The Hostage Takers

On Tuesday 28 March, at 16:00, we will organise a special screening of The Hostage Takers (Puk Damsgaard, Søren Klovborg) at press centre Nieuwspoort. After the film, moderator Remco Meijer (De Volkskrant) will talk to Thomas Bruning (NVJ), Jantine van Herwijnen and Evelien Wijkstra (Free Press Unlimited).


About the film

When English journalist Sean Langan sits down for interviews with IS members Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, the atmosphere is heavy with tension. The two were responsible for guarding, torturing and ultimately helping the brutal – and live streamed – execution of Langan’s friend James Foley. Langan, who himself was held hostage by the Taleban, tracked them down in captivity by Kurdish forces in Syria. While he genuinely tries to understand them he spares no punches, leading to jaw-dropping moments.

Danish photographer Daniel Rye was part of James Foley’s group of hostages, but he was freed after negotiations. Underneath his understated account is an incredible power and emotion. The man who negotiated with IS on behalf of the family provides a nail-biting account of the steps leading up to Rye’s release. An intense, and eerie, look inside the minds of hardened terrorists.

Good to know

The Nieuwspoort International Press Centre is the meeting place for politicians, journalists and representatives of companies and civil society organisations. There are several important matters to be aware of prior to your visit to Nieuwspoort:

  • Bring a valid proof of identity.
  • The Nieuwspoort entrance is located along the side of the House of Representatives building.
  • The location upholds a registration procedure. Follow the steps of the registration procedure upon arrival.
  • We advise you to be at Nieuwspoort in plenty of time, around 15:30.

If you want a bite to eat in Nieuwspoort’s restaurant afterwards, you can order a Chef’s special via this link.