WdKA x MtMF24: Teaser Project

For the Movies that Matter Festival 2024, we asked the talented second-year Audiovisual Design students from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam to create teasers that they believe represent the festival’s vision. Check out the winning teasers!

Iga Wojak

About Iga: ”Urban culture, music, graffiti, street photography, videography, metro, dirt, imperfections, hip hop, dance, peace, love and unity thats what I grew up on. With this video for Movies that Matter I decided to go into my roots and make it into something that can speak and attract people my age to go to a festival that talks about the importance of individuality, human rights, activism by representing my own subculture. I wanted to show how important issues are also spoke about in underground cultures and how we can use our circles of interests to get an message of social value out.”

Logline: Ever wondered how urban culture connects with the heartbeat of the youth while tackling crucial issues and sparking activism? Are you ready to dive into a world where every spray can speaks volumes?

Social Media: @wo.jakiga

Jarno Switzar

About Jarno: ”Hello, I’m Jarno Switzar, a second-year audiovisual design student at WdKA. My passion lies in visualizing compelling narratives through the art of film, and I’m excited to collaborate with my younger brother Rowan in sharing this passion. Together, we’ve recently co-founded ‘the Switzar Brothers,’ a production studio dedicated to bringing our creative visions to life.  I look forward to seeing our productions on your screen in the future!”

Logline: A time-wasting social media consumer gets confronted by a strange yet trustworthy voice, which gives them a considerable alternative to mindless scrolling. Movies that Matter.

Social Media: @theswitzarbrothers

Jasmin Delev

About Jasmin: “I am a young Moldovan audiovisual creator based in Rotterdam. My biggest accomplishment so far is winning Chitila Film Fest 2022 with my documentary debut. The mystery of nature, the irony of death, the oneirism, the fantasy, the childlike human nature – are some of the topics I love to explore.”

Logline: Tired of another cliché blockbuster, Meep is teleported into a magical world where they are shown what movies matter.

Social media: @jdelev

Kjettil Gerritsen

About Kjettil: ”Kjettil Gerritsen is a filmmaker and photographer based in Rotterdam with a keen eye for creating aesthetically sharp and atmospheric imagery. He is always on the lookout for new influences and uses his dynamic cinematography style to reflect critically on the fast-moving world around us.”

Logline: This short high paced teaser ”Life in Film” celebrates film and human life. Because film always reflects life. It flashes before your eyes.

Social media: @kjettil.nl

Matilde Bresaola

About Matilde: “Matilde is an Italian multimedia artist. She loves experimenting with 3D and all kind of animation, which she implements in her videos. She is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice but she just did an exchange semester at WDKA in Rotterdam, where she had the chance to work with Movies that Matters. For her, it was a delightful experience.”

Logline: In a time when people struggle to make their voice heard, an array of different faces make their appearance on screen, each showing unique actions.

Social media: @who.is.matiii