Workshops & Masterclasses

This an overview of all the public workshops, webinars, panels and masterclasses we offer during the festival. These programmes are available worldwide and are free of charge, with the exception of the Global Justice Cinema workshop. Click on the title of a specific programme to register and get your free ticket.

Media Makers in the Frontline

17 April 15:00

This webinar examines civil society under attack by the harshest regimes and how media makers from around the world can support their colleagues and their causes.

We’ll show clips of anonymous Myanmar filmmakers and material from Belarus, filmed at great expense. We hope to welcome these activists via Zoom, share their experiences and discuss what the role of the international film community should be.

With, among others, “Vasili” (filmmaker from Myanmar), Orwa Nyrabia (artistic director IDFA), Igor Blaževič (Prague Civil Society Center), and Corinne van Egeraat and Petr Lom (ZIN Documentary).

Moderator: Margje de Koning.

Language: English


Women Take Action

Keynote & panel
19 April 16:00

Debra Zimmermann from Women Make Movies will give a keynote address in which she will discuss her personal observations about the role of women in film in front of and behind the camera. The keynote will be followed by a panel of women from the film world from various backgrounds and regions to discuss the position of women in the film industry. This panel is hosted by Creative Europe Netherlands.

The panel consists of: Willemien Sanders (Lecturer Media and Culture Studies Utrecht University), Brigid O’Shea (DAE), Iris Lammertsma (Witfilm, chair of Vrouwen in Beeld) and the director of our opening film The Man Who Sold His Skin, Kaouther Ben Hania.

Moderator: Beri Shalmashi.

Language: English


Masterclass Julie Goldman & Maite Alberdi

21 April 19:00

We welcome the Oscar nominated team of The Mole Agent, Julie Goldman and Maite Alberdi, to provide insight into how to bring a movie that matters to an international stage and how it became an Oscar nomination. There’ll be time for questions after the presentation.

Language: English


Global Justice Cinema Workshop

22 April – 23 April

Registration is open for our online workshop on documentary film and global justice, an inspiring annual event co-organised by T.M.C. Asser Instituut, VU Amsterdam & the Movies that Matter Festival. The workshop will take place online on 22-23 April 2021. Regular fee: €125, Student fee: €75.

Sign up here to save your online seat.

Language: English


Film & The Green Deal

Panel & Q&A
22 April 14:00

Within the European Union, Creative Europe Media develops a policy on increasing sustainability in the media, a theme that belongs to the Movies that Matter Festival, where climate issues are extensively discussed every year. The central question in this panel discussion is: how do we produce ‘green’ films? What means are there to get the industry moving in the right direction? Which financial and creative resources can be used to make a film environmentally friendly and responsible? This panel examines the bumps in the road and looks at examples of productions that have already succeeded.

In the context of the documentary Journey to Utopia, Lise Lense-Møller (the producer of the film) will be part of an international panel that discusses the issues surrounding ‘green filmmaking’.

Language: English


Masterclass Camera Justitia: Judge Eboe-Osuji

22 April 16:00

In this masterclass, we honour the distinguished career of international judge Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji, retiring President of the International Criminal Court. Judge Eboe-Osuji will speak about his work for the ICC and other international tribunals, his views on international law and his plans for the future. The conversation is illustrated by excerpts from this year’s Camera Justitia film selection. The masterclass can be followed online and the public can ask questions via the live chat box.

Language: English


Stop Filming Us Again

Panel & Q&A
23 April 16:00

In the film Stop Filming Us, Joris Postema followed three young Congolese photographers and filmmakers who wanted to capture their own reality of the Democratic Republic of Congo and its inhabitants. He asked himself whether he – as a Western filmmaker – can paint an honest picture of this reality. Isn’t he reproducing the western image of Africa again?

In the webinar Stop Filming Us Again, we delve further into where Postema’s film ends, and we ask how we can change the perspective on Africa. Based on a new montage of Joris’ material by one of the film’s main characters, Ganza Buroko, and a preview of Bernadette Vivuya’s documentary Reflections on Colonization, we explore how things can be done differently. How do we broaden our view of Africa and give African makers control over their own imagination?

Including: filmmakers Ganza Buroko and Bernadette Vivuya (DRC), Angélique Mbundu (iAfrica Film Festival) and director Joris Postema.

Language: English


Media Lab Camp Moria

24 April 15:00

We are honoured to welcome Douglas Herman and Sonia Nandzik, founders of Re-FOCUS Medialab on Saturday 24 April. They will talk about their film school in Camp Moria.

A short film by Katja Riemann will be shown, as well as other short films made by film students living in Camp Moria. Film and visual narratives have the power to keep the world informed, ensure Moria is not forgotten, and educate the outside world about the role they can play.

The afternoon will also include a conversation between film students from Moria camp, newcomers in the Netherlands working in the film industry and Dennis Overeem (Buddy Film Foundation).

Moderator: Margje de Koning. 

Language: English