Tue 20 April 2021

Q&A with activist Lilian Tintori, opposition leader Leopoldo López and director Nelson G. Navarrette

‘Never in my life did I think I’d talk about human rights around the world. […] They will not break my spirit. We are fighting a moral fight and a fight for love. This is not the end’ says Lilian Tintori. In A La Calle we see how she fights for the release of her husband, opposition leader Leopoldo López.

After the film journalist Alwin Helmink speaks with activist Lilian Tintori opposition leader Leopoldo López about the sacrifices that they made to fight for democracy in Venezuela. They now live in exile in Spain and tell about how they stay optimistic and hope to return. With director Nelson G. Navarrette we speak about how they made this film covering the years 2014-2019 and what challenges they encountered while making this film.


Alwin Helmink


Lilian Tintori


Nelson G. Navarrette


Leopoldo López