Sun 10 April 2022

Indepth talk Above Water

Above Water (Marcher sur l’eau) illustrates the dire consequences of climate change in the Sahel, where a lack of water dominates life and limits the possibilities of inhabitants. Droughts in the Azawagh region endanger the semi-nomadic livelihoods of residents: they worsen conditions for people who already suffer from water scarcity. The situation in the Sahel is not unique: In 2020, about 2 billion people – a quarter of the global population – lacked access to safely managed drinking water, meaning their human rights are not fulfilled.

In this in-depth talk together with IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, moderator Ama van Dantzig dives into the causes, consequences and possible solutions of water shortage with professor Eddy Moors (rector IHE), Elisabeth Lictevout (director UN IGRAC) and Jean Gildas Tapsoba (MSc student in Water Management and Governance, IHE). Why are regions like the Sahel so vulnerable to droughts? What is the best way to alleviate the urgent needs of local populations – is it a matter of digging more and deeper holes to access groundwater? What is the role of women? And what structural solutions are needed to ensure that all people have access of water and sanitation, as called for in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG6)?


Ama van Dantzig


Eddy Moors


Jean Gildas Tapsoba