Sat 30 March 2024

Closing Ceremony with Dance by Meriç Tuncer and Esila Mayadağ

We will conclude the Movies that Matter Festival 2024 with a one-time screening of the film Crossing.

The evening will be introduced by artistic director Margje de Koning en after the screening, we will close the festival with a dance performance by Meriç Tuncer and Esila Mayadağ.

Meriç Tuncer is a recent graduate from the Amsterdam University of the Arts with a specialization in the Expanded Contemporary Dance Department. He honed his skills during an internship with Club Guy and Roni’s, Poetic Disasters Club.. Meriç has shared his passion for movement through workshops in salsa, bachata and contemporary dance ever since 2017.

Esila Mayadağ is a talented performer from Turkey, who is currently studying Expanded Contemporary Dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.She actively engages in performances and competitions in the fields of hip-hop and contemporary dance both in Turkey and across Europe.

Language: English


Meriç Tunçer


Margje de Koning


Esila Mayadağ