Tue 20 April 2021

Verdiepingsgesprek: De nos frères blessés

Panel Europe and her colonial independence wars

During the wars of independence that the European countries waged in their colonies, some of their military committed enormous atrocities against the local population. Nationalist groups were dismissed as rebels and terrorists to legitimize the crackdown, and terror against the civilian population was kept silent in Europe. Fundamental civil rights such as the right of demonstration and the right to a fair trial before a civil judge were denied these “insurgents” [sic]. And in Europe we still prefer to remain silent about these black pages in our history. 
In response to De nos frères blessés, we talk about the wars of independence in the French colonies and Indonesia and how the French and Dutch governments acted then and what they are doing now with this collective stain. What do we know about the violence used against the local population? Is there evidence that the Paris and The Hague ordered the massacres or at least knowingly closed their eyes to them? How could the citizens of French Algeria and the Dutch East Indies get their rights? And what are both countries doing today with their debt of honor? 
A conversation with historian Stef Scagliola. Moderator: Bahram Sadeghi.