Sat 23 March 2024

Q&A with Joost van der Valk and Eddy van Wessel

Filmmaker, Emmy Award- and BAFTA-winner Joost van der Valk (Satudarah – One Blood) followed acclaimed war photographer Eddy van Wessel on one of his trips to Ukraine in which Eddy sets out to create the image that sums up the entire conflict and makes all the struggles, traumas and setbacks he had to endure worthwhile. At the after-party discussion, moderator Yula Altchouler will question both Eddy and Joost about the impartiality of the photographer/documentary and how far they are willing to go to do their work.

Language: English


Masha Osipova

Yula Altchouler


Joost van der Valk


Eddy van Wessel