Mon 25 March 2024

European Commission: Eternal You

After the screening of Eternal You, moderator Charley Fiedeldij Dop will have a conversation with Dasha Simons, member of Team Europe Direct, and Linda Kool, senior researcher at the Rathenau Institute. They will have a talk about AI, ethics and European Policy, with the central question: how do you protect citizens in times of AI? 

Dasha Simons is passionate about bringing the human heartbeat back into technology development by designing AI that is more explicable, transparent and fair. As a member of Team Europe Direct, Dasha gives guest lectures with a focus on Trustworthy AI. She does this on behalf of the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands. At IBM, as Managing Consultant Trustworthy AI, she provides operational to C-level advice on trustworthy AI and leads the Trustworthy AI team for Northern Europe.

Linda Kool has worked at the Rathenau Institute since 2012 where she coordinates research within the Digitization theme. She focuses on social and ethical issues surrounding (emerging) digital technology. What is needed to use digital innovations in a socially responsible way? In addition to her work at Rathenau, she is also a member of the SER Committee on Digital Transition and of the UNESCO AI expert group.

Charley Fiedeldij Dop is Head of Local Citizens’ Assemblies at Bureau Burgerberaad, a non-profit that aims for the implementation of impactful citizens’ assemblies (a form of deliberative democracy that puts citizens at the center of solving the biggest societal challenges). She is a freelance moderator, experienced programmaker and has a background in Cultural Anthropology and International Studies.

Language: English

This programme is presented in partnership with the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands.


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