Tue 12 April 2022

Aftertalk with filmmaker Vera Krichevskaya

Ten turbulent years behind the scenes at Russian TV channel Dozhd, following its flamboyant founder, Natasha Sindeeva. What starts as a lifestyle channel ‘for normal people’ becomes one of Russia’s few independent news broadcasters. And also one of Vladimir Putin’s loudest rivals – with all the dangers involved.

Unfortunately the only independent Russian news channel Dozhd has meanwhile become defunct. After the screening of F@ck This Job Russia correspondent for the Guardian Pjotr Sauer will go into conversation with filmmaker and previous employee of Dozhd, Vera Krichevskaya and founder of Dozhd Natasja Sindeeva.  

Voertaal: English


Pjotr Sauer


Vera Krichevskaya


Natasha Sindeeva