Thu 22 April 2021

Q&A met Robert Soko en Sergej Kreso

Director Sergej Kreso shows with Here We Move, Here We Groove how music is the expression of our subconscious identity and history. It is the identity of Robert Šoko and the Balkans, where cultures have been colliding and been merging for centuries, and the identity of Europe and its newcomers. Just as Šoko has to reinvent himself as the creator of the Balkan beats, Europe has to find its soul and identities again.

In the context of the film, moderator Süheyla Yalçın talks with director Sergej Kreso and musician Robert Šoko (DJ Šoko, BalkanBeats Soundsystem) about the music as a carrier of our identity and how the newcomers in Europe add new layers to it.


Sergej Kreso


Robert Šoko


Süheyla Yalçın