Fri 23 April 2021

Meet the Makers Live with director Flynn Von Kleist and actors Yfendo Praag and Romana Vrede

We are all equal before the law, but your background matters when you grow up in the Netherlands. As the movie I Don’t Wanna Dance painfully shows, not every growing child has the same opportunities; your origin and socio-economic position partly determine where you will end up later.

In the context of this great film, moderator Munganyende will speak live with director Flynn von Kleist and actors Yfendo van Praag and Romana Vrede about this great movie. We ask the not-to-be-missed film festival questions: the how and the why of this film. But we also continue where this film ends. What extra-high hurdles do you have to overcome on the road to adulthood as a teenage boy like Joey? How big is the problem of social inequality in the Netherlands? And is it hopeful that there is finally more attention for this?

Fri 23 April
20:00 ONLINE
with talk
Dutch Movies Matter Night live Q&A Première


Flynn Von Kleist


Yfendo van Praag


Romana Vrede


Helene Christelle Munganyende