Sat 1 April 2023

Dance from Rutkay Özpinar

After the screening of Joyland dancer and choreographer Rutkay Özpinar (1991) will take us on a journey of feelings with his performance named ‘His’.

Rutkay Özpinar from The Netherlands is a Dutch/Turkish choreographer and currently a house choreographer at Korzo in The Hague. Besides from being a dancer he keeps on pursuing his choreographic career which will become his full focus from next season on. In 2019 Rutkay started his research on Turkish folk dance and the goal of it was to let it influence his movement language. Throughout this journey he found his authenticity in his work where the different colours of contemporary dance, classical ballet, hip-hop and Turkish folk dance have blended into a colour. Rutkay’s works are inspired by the essence of our existence that struggles to find rest in this world. Let it be loneliness, hedonism or the structured life we live in. There is always a restlesness within humans that inspire him to create with such subjects. Rather than expressing these subjects in a literal way Rutkay lets the cadance of the human body create shape to express these sensations. 

One of the Turkish folk dance styles Rutkay focused on was belly dance. In ‘His’ (Turkish for feeling) he breaks the boundaries between masculinity and femininity by delving into his sensuality.

Title: His 
Choreography & dance: Rutkay Özpinar 
Music: Asena – Warda, Husein Salamaz & Darbuka Solo -Instrumental 
Costume: Asiye Demirci

Sat 1 Apr
18:15 - 20:39

Den Haag, Theater aan het Spui


Rutkay Özpinar


Naeeda Aurangzeb