Thu 30 March 2023

Avanti meet-up Kleinkinderen van De Oost

After the screening of Kleinkinderen van De Oost, Avanti foundation will organize a meet-up to discuss transgenerational trauma and the lasting impact of the colonial past with the second generation. With presentation by Charisa Chotoe we will, among other things, go into conversation with Daan van Citters, director of the film; Joenoes Polnaya, protagonist of the film; and Edward Tuheteru.

This meet-up is freely accessible and you therefore do not need a ticket. If you have been to an earlier screening of the film during the festival, you are also more than welcome to participate!

Location: Filmhuis The Hague – Studio B


Charisa Chotoe


Joenoes Polnaya


Daan van Citters


Edward Tuheteru