Sat 17 April 2021

Q&A with Maarten Gischler and Janette Worm

Q&A with Maarten Gischler and Janette Worm, moderated by Marieke Eyskoot


Maarten Gischler is water adviser in the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He works on water and climate resilience challenges at scales ranging from transboundary basins down to urban problem sheds. Maarten’s focus is on Africa and the Middle East. Before joining the Ministry’s water team in 2011, Maarten was stationed at the Netherlands Embassy in Dakar, coordinated the Foreign Ministry’s public private partnerships for sustainable development, and served at the Netherlands Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority. In the 1990s Maarten worked as a consultant in the Caspian Sea and Aral Sea regions and in the Middle East Peace Process, among other. 

Mrs. Drs. Janette Worm is a dedicated water professional, motivator and trainer. Her goal: to support people and organization to realize their water project /dreams and achieve real impact.
She is writer of several papers, bestsellers, policy development documents and publications on water management challenges.
After several executive roles within Ministry of Water management, UNDP, SADC-Water and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she started her own successful consultancy firm WaterPlanetEarth. In 2018 she joined World Waternet to support program development in the MENA region and challenge water professionals, transfer knowledge and expertise. In the past 3 years, she has successfully implemented various programs and project in the MENA region, including Oman, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan.

Moderator: Marieke Eyskoot is sustainable lifestyle-expert, author, speaker and presenter. She has acted as moderator for ASB BANK, Stichting DOEN, NRC Live, Fairtrade International and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and many others. Her modern guidebook This is a Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle (a bestseller with 20.000 copies sold and an international edition) is packed with practical and positive tips on clothing, care, food, living, work and free time, which make doing good fun and reachable. Mariek was part of Trouw’s Sustainable 100, TEDx, many different top women-lists and was nominated by Het Parool as Amsterdammer of the year. With twenty years of experience, she is for many media outlets the go-to person for sustainable subjects.

About this day: 

A habitable planet means welfare for poor and rich, for men and women and for present and future generations. That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commits itself to providing access to and sustainable usage of natural resources, for everyone. The Netherlands collaborates with different governments, multilateral institutions, NGO’s, companies and civilians to secure the provision of public goods such as raw materials, water and energy for the future. The most important guidelines in doing so are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), globally determined goals for sustainable development.

In our Earth at Stake program we present, in association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs three documentaries about the fight for a sustainable world, followed by Q&A’s.

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