Sun 24 March 2024

Online Q&A with directors Yuval Abraham, Basel Adra and professor Public International Law Larissa van den Herik

No Other Land tells the story of Palestinian activist and journalist Basel Adra’s long struggle against Israeli violence and the forced eviction of his community from Masafer Yatta on the West Bank. In this period, he meets Israeli journalist Yuval Abraham, who supports him in his struggle.

Yuval Abraham and Basel Adra worked with Hamdan Ballal and Rachel Szor as co-directors and are also featured in the documentary No Other Land. Although the group originally had no experience making documentaries, they approached the story as activists and journalists which resulted in a five-year collaboration, with Adra and Ballal deploying footage that they used over the years still far in advance of the collaboration, including home videos of Adra’s family. The documentary shows how Abraham and Adra befriend and build a relationship with each other while Adra’s struggle and life under occupation is in stark contrast to Abraham’s life in freedom.

After the screening, program maker Bahram Sadeghi will enter into conversation with Yuval Abraham, Basel Adra and Larrisa Van den Herik, Professor Public International Law at Leiden University.

Please note! Yuval Abraham and Basel Adra will participate via an online connection.

Language: English

This screening is a special one-off preview in collaboration with IDFA.


Yuval Abraham


Basel Adra


Bahram Sadeghi


Larissa van den Herik