Thu 28 March 2024

Q&A with director Gabriel Francis Goodenough and protagonist Erricka Birdgeford

After the screening of The Body Politic, moderator Naeeda Aurangzeb will lead us into a conversation with directors director Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough, one of the protagonists and activist Erricka Angela Bridgeford (co-founder Baltimore Ceasefire 365) and Rabin S. Baldewsingh (National Coordinator Against Discrimination and Racism). Engage in the discussion and delve deeper, experiencing firsthand insights from Gabriel and Erricka as we look further than the screen.

Language: English


Naeeda Aurangzeb

G. F. P. Goodenough

Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough

E. Bridgeford

Erricka Angela Bridgeford


Rabin Baldewsingh