Sun 18 April 2021

Q&A with activist Omar Abulaziz and director Bryan Fogel

“In Saudi Arabia having an opinion is a crime” says Omar Abdulaziz in the documentary The Dissident. Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was defending free speech in his country but was silenced by his own government. The murder of Khashoggi had a great impact on the Saudi human rights movement in exile.

After the film you can watch a Q&A with activist Omar Abdulaziz and director Bryan Fogel which will be led by Floor Beuming (Amnesty’s Senior Officer Human Rights Programmes – Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar). They will discuss the impact on Saudi Arabia’s human rights movement and what Omar’s life as a dissident in exile looks like. You’ll also hear what drove director Bryan Fogel (also know from the documentary Icarus) to create this film and what obstacles he faced in making it and releasing it.


Floor Beuming


Bryan Fogel


Omar Abdulaziz