Wed 29 March 2023

Extended talk with Nishtha Jain, Luisa Moreno Ruiz and Zamaney Menso

After the screening of The Golden Thread, moderator Lynn Zebeda will have a discussion with director Nishtha Jain and speakers Luisa Moreno Ruiz and Zamaney Menso (both from Mondiaal FNV). We will raise the question why international labour union work is important, and which impact that can have on the products we consume. 

This screening is a partnership with Mondiaal FNV. The programme is in English.

Spreakers and moderator

Luisa Moreno Ruiz is policy officer at the international trade union Mondiaal FNV in the field of Just Transition and palm oil. In addition, Luisa has years of experience in union building as an organizer at the FNV trade union.

Nishtha Jain is an Indian film director and producer best known for her documentaries like Gulabi Gang, Lakshmi and Me and City of Photos. Her films interrogate lived experience at the intersection of gender, caste and class. They explore the political in the personal and uncover the mechanisms of privilege.

Zamaney Menso is a member of the executive board of Mondiaal FNV and also works as an (international) trade union official in the construction & housing sector at FNV. She has years of experience in negotiating with employers and activating employees.

Lynn Zebedia is a social entrepreneur and board member, and has worked with partners on five continents on reinventing the world. She likes to dive deep into the content, raise the bar on impact, and create soulful structures in which change can take place. Her dedication lies with challenges that connect us all: climate justice and global equity.

Wed 29 Mar
17:30 - 19:31

Den Haag, Filmhuis Den Haag

with talk Mondiaal FNV


Nishtha Jain


Luisa Moreno Ruiz


Lynn Zebeda


Zamaney Menso