Sun 24 March 2024

World Premiere

Join us for the world premiere of The Insides of our Lives!

With a poetic combination of fiction and found-footage from the 1960s and 1970s, director Misja Pekel tells the story of two girls who grow up along a European border and are slowly driven apart. After the screening, we will engage in conversation with Misja led by moderator Yula Altoucher. We will find out how Misja had to make choices from hundreds of hours of archival material and we will place the fiction/found-footage story in the current context of “fortress Europe” and how it deals with migrants accompanied by Roos Ykema (founder of MiGreat).

Language: English


Masha Osipova

Yula Altchouler


Misja Pekel


Roos Ykema