Tue 20 April 2021

Q&A with activist Tran To Nga, directors Alan Anderson, Kate Taverna and producer Véronique Bernard

As shown in the documentary The People vs. Agent Orange, Tran To Nga bravely started a lawsuit against 26 companies that produced and sold Agent Orange. In the Q&A after the film presenter Mirthe Frese talks to Nga about her perseverance and goals of the court case that she is pursuing. Directors Alan Anderson and Kate Taverna and producer of the film Véronique Bernard also join the conversation to shed their light on the process of making this film the interconnectedness of all the story lines in the film. They will also talk about what can be done to prevent ecocide disasters like the case of agent orange to happen in the future.

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Mirthe Frese


Alan Adelson


Kate Taverna


Nga Tran To


Véronique Bernard