Sat 30 March 2024

Conversation with Radhika Gupta

After the impactful screening of The Spark, moderator Naeeda Aurangzeb will guide us in a conversation with Radhika Gupta, assistant professor of Cultural Anthropology & Global Sociology at the Leiden University. They will provide context on the rise of Hindu nationalism and its impact on religious minorities and freedom of the press, among others.

Radhika Gupta is an assistant professor of Cultural Anthropology & Global Sociology. She received her PhD in sociocultural anthropology from Oxford University in 2011. Her research interests are wide-ranging and include the study of borderlands, politics of security, anthropology of religion (with a focus on Islam), tourism, environmental humanities and critical theory. Her research focuses on South Asia. Radhika has also worked in international development organizations (2000-2007) on social inclusion with a focus on community-based water management, environmental justice and indigenous peoples rights across South and Southeast Asia.

Language: English


Naeeda Aurangzeb


Radhika Gupta