Sun 24 March 2024

Earth at Stake: We Are Guardians

Following the screening of We Are Guardians, Marieke Eyskoot will talk with director and indigenous activist Edivan Guajajara, Felix Lomans, coordinating policy officer for Climate, Biodiversity and Forests at the ministry, and Merijn van Leeuwen, WNF.

This screening is in collaboration with the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Edivan Guajajara is one of the creators of the communication network Mídia Indigena. He is an indigenous activist who uses photography and documentaries as tools that can provide visibility to the fight of a people who resist for 521 years. A filmmaker, he produces strong, detailed images from Indigenous people that show the hard struggle of the land protection and defense of Mother Earth. Edivan worked with One Forest to produce the award winning documentary, “WE ARE GUARDIANS”. Edivan is a designer and video editor, and uses his gift to create art pieces that give visibility to the fight of the Brazilian indigenous peoples.

Felix Lomans serves as team lead for forests and biodiversity at the Inclusive Green Growth Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He started his career with the ministry in 2010 and held various positions in The Hague and abroad before joining the department’s climate division in 2019. As part of his current duties, he also serves a member of the delegation of the Netherlands to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Merijn van Leeuwen is a tropical- conservation ecologist by training. He started his career doing research in the Colombian Amazon and acting as a tourist guide in the Peruvian Amazon. After this his main focus became integrating nature in development, leading him to work with NGOs, corporate sector and government in 25 countries. Since 2019 he coordinates WWF- Netherlands’ support for the Amazon and the Atlantic Forest.

Marieke Eyskoot is a sustainable lifestyle-expert, author, speaker and presenter. She has worked as a moderator for Dutch Design Week, ASN Bank, Stichting DOEN, Fairtrade International, various Ministries, Netflix and many others, and is one of the presenters of Dutch television programme BinnensteBuiten (InsideOut). Her modern guidebook This is a Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle (a bestseller with 50.000 copies of the series published worldwide) is packed with practical and positive tips on fashion, beauty, food, home and travel, which make doing good fun and reachable.

Language: English


Edivan Guajajara


Felix Lomans

Melody Lieftink

Marieke Eyskoot


Merijn van Leeuwen