The Man Who Sold His Skin opens Movies that Matter Festival

The Movies that Matter Festival 2021 opens on Friday, April 16, with the Dutch premiere of the Oscar-nominated film The Man Who Sold His Skin. Actor Yahya Mahayni, voted best actor at the Venice Film Festival, and director Kaouther Ben Hania, will be present at the online screening.

About the film
When the impulsive and sensitive Sam has to flee Syria, he loses his great love Abeer. In Beirut, Sam fantasizes about saving Abeer from her loveless marriage in Brussels. But traveling to Europe is impossible for him. Then Sam meets the provocative, nihilistic artist Jeffrey Godefroy, who offers him the opportunity to go to Belgium. They strike a deal: Sam’s back becomes the canvas on which Jeffrey makes his tattoo artwork from a Schengen visa. In return, Jeffrey arranges a real visa for Sam.

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